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Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Stuck on Shuffle! It’s been a fun few months with lots of great ideas being thrown around. This episode is just the beginning of what we can do with the audio format. This time around, we start with the Real True News, a segment I began seeing done live by Jeff Clark and his partner Melissa Story (who’s just had a baby, congrats!). It’s ideas like this one that made me want to do this podcast, so we can have not only a medium to create great content, but to give it the flexibility and quality that can make it even better. After that, we continue ComediCast, the comedy podcast I used to do now lives on as just one podcast within this show. The interview portion speaks for itself, I’m really lucky to have had the chance. Finally, we wrap up with Ferris Wheel, a sketch produced by Smells Like the 80s, one of Toronto’s most super fucking awesome sketch teams.

I’d like to also give a special thank you to Heather Nassler, who’s been helping me get in touch with alot of interested parties (Smells, being one of them) and getting all this together the right way.

In summation, I’m thrilled to be doing this podcast and I’d be thrilled to work with you too.

I’m and for sketches and sketch groups, get in touch with

we’re still under review for iTunes, but you can download the podcast directly here: Episode one


You can find Mike at his site

Music can be found at
Scene Kids hate Ska by i9incher
Attabbbooyy by lemonfoot
Look at the Sky by jmerk800
newscast1 by Uten
BBC Rave remix by Fionn Hodgson
Hypnotic Harmony by Sephirot24

Smells like the 80′s can be found at
be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter:!/smellslikethe80

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