medicines used as drugs

Episode Two is here!

Check it out cool people, episode two of SoS is here for your listening Nirvana.

We’re excited to share this episode with you because SoS is starting to produce original, awesomely funny content. And as always, our native podcast ComediCast continues on inspite of it’s cancellation (by me, not some network).

We had some awesome people on the episode, you can follow Dom Pare on twitter!/dpare. Do it. Dj Demers and Joel Buxton both run blogs, you can find them at and

And we wouldn’t be SoS without the awesome music from the audio portal at Newgrounds

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    • Michael. Michael. Michael. Da- Michael. Brilliant and idiotic at the same time. It's good to have Arrested Development back.
    • @SamMaggs
      Watch what happens on your second play through. "God only knows" indeed.