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Tumblr Article: Heres what I think about Facebook

I’ve mentioned this to a few people in person, but I wanted to share my extended thoughts on something that’s been bothering me:

I’ve been OK with most of the changes Facebook has undergone the past few years. I know how the format can go from intuitive to annoying when they reveal a new style, but I never got so mad about it I had to let everyone I know how I feel. More recently, there has been a change to the Facebook method that doesn’t just annoy me, but bothers me because it’s an affront to my personality type. The change is with the messaging system, in order to encourage a faster exchange between two people, the messages now appear like a conversation, not a personal message. And what’s worse, it went and gathered all the messages I previously sent/received from that contact and then listed them as if it were a timeline of my relationship with this person. Some people I only send messages to wish them a happy birthday, some of them I haven’t said anything in huge stretches of time, and then of course there are the people I’ve met in comedy, who’s entire conversation consists of me asking them for stage time, or them asking to do my podcast. If Facebook is collecting information as much as I think they are, they must assume based on the few actual conversations I’ve had that I’m pretty damn lonely. Now that the amount of friends you have means almost nothing.

I decided to move the rest of it to my tumblr. Im trying to reorganize where I put what.

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