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Full Credits

This is our credits page, we’ll be updating this page shortly with information about the people and their work that went into putting SoS together.


(Look at the Sky)
(Scene Kid Hates Ska)
(BBC News Countdown, RAVE remix)
(News! You’re on!)
(Trumpet’s Tune)
(Purest of Winters)

Actors and Guest performers:

Alex Kolanko
Amanda Day
Amber Harper Young
Ben Ball
Ben Redman
Blair Streeter
Cameron Wyllie
Connor Malcom
Curtis DiehlHeather Nassler
Eric Minch
Jeff Clark
Keelan Miller
K Trevor Wilson
Marc Hallworth
Matt Shury
Melissa Story
Wayne Jones


Joseph Ianni (me!)
Heather Nassler
Curtis Diehl
Jeff Clark
Melissa Story

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      Watch what happens on your second play through. "God only knows" indeed.