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This is episode six, now!

In this edition, we talk with some hardcore Community fans about why you should give it a try. I’ve been watching it loyally since Matt introduced it to me, and in almost no time at all it shot up to be my favorite tv show period.

On the sketch side of things, this one was a challenge from Heather. She wanted to to a scene where the girls get to act girly, and for some reason there’s an obvious guy among them that they’re oblivious to.

Of course, this included watching an episode of Gossip Girl. Man, these kids are so damn spoiled, even the poor ones have a studio apartment. I do think there’s an interesting concept in the character Gossip Girl, because she can notify everyone about some development or revelation, which turns people against each other, and nobody knows who the hell she is. Because tracing the text is just too damn unreasonable, right?

Merry Post Christmas, and Happy Post New Years. Speaking of post….

Soon as I heard of Hits n Giggles, and the great work they do for our city’s music and comedy scene, I had to talk to them. If you’re wondering where the next great generation of music will be coming from, I suggest you follow who they follow.

And on the hometurf side of things, I was whisked into our studio (Heather’s Apartment) for a surprise Christmas Radio Play. Turns out I got to be the hero of the story, and the scene was written as a gift to me. Which was nice, except for the part where I do all the recording, editing and producing. I’m not sure that’s how gifts work.

Anyways, radio is alive and well, and so are we. We’ll have more great stuff on the way.


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Episode four rolls out!

Start by going here:

This episode of ComediCast centers around a fun little debate about what defines the term comedian. We brought in a great cast of gentlemen to weigh in on the subject. Thanks goes out to Todd Van Allen and his podcast Comedy Above the Pub, Dom Pare at!/dpare Eli Jakeman!/EliJakeman and K Trev of Smells like the 80s for starting the discussion.

And on the Sketch side of things, Melissa Story and Jeff Clark bring back RTN, which I think has a twitter feed? Not sure. And on Radio Transmission, K Trev pulls double duty as a voice on the sketch, accompanied by Marc Hallworth from Vest of Friends and Alex Kolanko who does Questionable Content which is both the name of the podcast and I’m sure some pun related to the quality in some way.

Lots to check out, but all of it well worth doing.



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    This is episode six, now!
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    Merry Post Christmas, and Happy Post New Years. Speaking of post….
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